Tracing our roots back to the 1970’s untamed world of Parker Sed, IMG and Elite modeling agencies: Sois Belle was the first and middle name of the founder of the agency that would eventually become Sois Belle Impudique.

The original mission of Sois Belle was to bypass the ad-hoc operations of agencies to instead work directly with sales and distribution of burgeoning manufacturers  in the far east. For this they evaluated the fashion trends by creating what are now called focus group surveys. To remove biases, models were shown from the shoulders down as to not contaminate the customers’ opinions of the fashions they reviewed.  When it was noticed that customers preferences seemed to be distracted by what they couldn’t see, this prompted designers to asked the opposite question, “What exactly is the bias we hope to avoid?” 

What was discovered for the first time was that the fashions followed  the look of the model, not vice versa.  To this point, it was discovered that in fact it was the “fashion designers” who were biased by the makeup, hair styles and accessories of the models. Consumers viscerally saw themselves becoming the look of the model, not their wardrobes.

So from the mid 1980s on, new hair dyes, hair styling techniques, and makeup innovations unknowingly drove the underlying inspiration of fashion designers.

It was this market reversal which  prompted Sois Belle to invest heavily in all industries affected by this cross-hybridizing influence. It was this investment in this far reaching fashion phenomenon which now explains the dominance Sois Belle Impudique has today in direct modeling, media, manufacturing, and distribution.

Below are some of the many labels associated with Sois Belle Impudique in areas of modeling, design, manufacturing, distribution or sales asset

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